Thursday, November 21, 2019

Current Events in Public Health Leadership - Servant Leadership Assignment

Current Events in Public Health Leadership - Servant Leadership - Assignment Example A lady suffering from lung cancer attended hospital for three weeks to receive her chemotherapy. During her time in the hospital, she received attendance from a chief nurse and junior nurses who worked under her. In the course of treatment, the chief nurse would come and assist the junior nurses to perform their duties. The head nurse was kind and did not mind showing her subjects what to do, and she consistently engaged in offering her assistance to the junior nurses. She also provided them with advice and offered each of the opportunity to consult and get the right instructions. A nurse servant leader often looks at the needs of the staff members and makes inquires of them on the best ways to promote and solve their personal problems. The instance described above depicts the true qualities of a servant leader who continuously engaged in assisting the junior nurses at the hospital. The leadership techniques used in the case above were effective since it enabled the junior nurses to develop the character of servant leader (Anonson et al. 2009). Through the actions of the manager nurse, the junior nurses developed important skills that were effective in their career. Some of the leadership characteristics portrayed by the nurse manager include the ability to listen, in which case she kept listening to the needs of the junior nurses. After listening and understanding their needs, she empathizes with them and offers them their support (Ayman, Chemers, & Fiedler, 1995). They also promote awareness and healing among the junior servants by attempting to resolve their problems and use a high degree of emotional intelligence to help them find a solution to their problems. In the above instance, the servant leadership enabled the junior nurses to observe and understand what was needed to be done to enable attainment of perfect results.

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