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Bobby Knight Essay - 1396 Words

Bobby Knight In the San Juan heat of 1984, coaching legend Bobby Knight became infamous for his assault on a Puerto Rican security guard over a practice time during the Olympic preliminaries (Biography 2). Headlines of one of the most famous college basketball coaches of all time haven’t come to an end since. The veteran coach from the state of Ohio has since thrown a chair across a gym floor, been video taped choking a player, and assaulted school employees and fellow students on the campus of Indiana. He has been in heated arguments with anyone from school presidents to the media after heart breaking losses. Scrutiny and controversy have followed Bobby Knight ever since he brought his disciplined style of basketball to the scene†¦show more content†¦He asks the question, â€Å"How much more garbage will college basketball take from this person† (Watts 1)? I will not argue with Watts that Bobby Knight practices poor behavior from time to time. The choking of a playe r and assaulting of individuals has no place in society, never the less college athletics. Watts feels that a permanent timeout and firing is the answer to end the negative image portrayed by coach Knight. He feels Knight needs to be removed from his coaching duties and denied the excuses that have been given to him for countless years: â€Å"He is just a competitive driven individual.† This clique has been the support and back bone for Bobby Knight for many years. In comparison to Knight, Watts feels that Dennis Rodman and Mike Tyson are in similar categories. â€Å"Mike Tyson bites off an opponent’s ear†¦and we call him a â€Å"manic-depressive†. â€Å"Dennis Rodman acts like Dennis Rodman and we call him â€Å"a nut† (Watts 1). These comparisons may have similar references in a way, but we need to look at Bobby Knight with the positives that he has brought to the game of college basketball. Sure he may be the â€Å"King of the rude and crude† as said in the comical comment by Watts (Watts 1). Or maybe he will continue to create off court problems. But before anyone wants to look to oust a coaching icon, people should look to the positives. Although Watts and other various critics feel Bobby Knight should be released of his duties in collegeShow MoreRelatedEssay about The Firing of Bobby Knight1174 Words   |  5 PagesThe Firing of Bobby Knight Bobby Knight, longtime Indiana men’s head basketball coach, was recently fired. This firing sparked a controversy among basketball fans throughout the nation; did he deserve to be fired? I believe that Bobby Knight deserved to be fired. Although coach Knight is one of the best coaches in the nation and has earned the respect of countless numbers of fans including myself, I do not believe that a coach should be able to act the way he acted and get away with it. CoachRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book Leopold, Loeb, And The Murder That Chicago 1719 Words   |  7 Pageschild, by two wealthy students who killed solely for the thrill of the experience. Baatz starts of the book by giving us a brief introduction of the victim Bobby Franks and his family. Bobby came from a rich family having one brother and sister. Bobby Frank’s father Jacob Franks was a wealthy Chicago watch manufacturer. On May 1924, Bobby left the house to umpire at an impromptu baseball between his school mates and never returned home. Jacob Franks’ friend Samuel Ettelson had connections in theRead MoreChicago V. Leopold And Loeb : Crime Of The Century2217 Words   |  9 Pagesmany nuances, twists, and turns that the media rightfully dubbed it the â€Å"Crime of the Century.† The trial Chicago v. Leopold and Loeb of 1924 brought together America by bringing awareness to capital punishment in the justice system. The murder of Bobby Franks was a gruesome and seemingly unexplained phenomenon in Cook County. The case took the nation by storm and brought the world attention to Chicago. Leopold and Loeb were two relatively normal teenagers on paper. The intricacies of their livesRead MoreLife Is A Collaborative Endeavor1075 Words   |  5 Pagesrole models that taught me life-lessons and instilled morals that I keep with me to this day. Stan Harris, my 6th grade Social Studies teacher and middle school baseball coach fostered a relationship of tough love that echoes the mannerisms of coach Bobby Hurley Sr. from St. Anthony’s high school. Coach Harris repeatedly placed an emphasis on efficiency and taken advantage of opportunities presented to us in a similar light to Coach Hurley Sr. In the documentary â€Å"The Streets Stop Here† Coach HurleyRead MoreEssay Management vs Leadership: Coach Knight vs Coach K941 Words   |  4 PagesManagement vs. Leadership: Coach Knight and Coach Krzyzewski Cristen S. Carpenter Grand Canyon University: LDR600 July 17, 2013 Management vs. Leadership: Coach Knight and Coach Krzyzewski Effective management and leadership are as imperative to the success of athletic coaches as they are in the business world. Coach Bobby Knight (CBK) and Coach Mike Krzyzewski (CMK) are recognized as being two of the most influential and successful coaches in athletics. This case study will examineRead MoreCoach Krzyzewskis Winning Philosophy Essay1544 Words   |  7 Pagesshared goal the players, assistance coaches and everyone had when Coach K made history as he moved past rival Dean Smith into second place on the men’s all-time wins list, claiming his 880th career victory with the top-ranked Blue Devils. He trails Bob Knight, who mentored and coached him at Army on the way to 902 wins ( Often, Coach K presents a take no prisoners attitude which will spill over onto the court. Understandably, Coach K believes that confrontation is a good thing. WhileRead MoreKnight Fouls: Indiana Takes Legal Shot500 Words   |  2 PagesKnight Fouls: Indiana Takes Legal Shot After reports of several transgressions and the surface of a damaging videotape which appeared to show Knight physically assaulting a former player, the president of Indiana, Neil Reed, had explained to Knight that there was a zero tolerance policy where Knight was concerned (Wolff, 2000). Despite the repeated warnings and the newly stated zero tolerance policy, Knight continued to commit transgressions that eventually got him fired from Indiana UniversityRead MoreThe Conspiracies Associated With The Reason Why The Usa Joined The Vietnam War1538 Words   |  7 Pagesto O’Brien because the lack priority that Jorgenson gives to O’Brien when he is wounded changes O’Brien’s nature from being innocent to desiring revenge. O’Brien narrates his second time being shot and how Jorgenson’s inexperience affects O’Brien: â€Å"Bobby Jorgenson didn’t know about shock, or if he did, the fear made him forget. To make it worse, he bungled th e patch job, and a couple of weeks later my ass started to rot away† (181). O’Brien loses trust in Jorgenson because Jorgenson is not a reliableRead MoreCase Study Analysis 4: a Tale of Two Coaches Essay1361 Words   |  6 Pagesstyles of two coaches, Coach Bobby Knight, and Coach Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K.). Coach Knight and Coach K. shared a similar follower directive; do not do anything that could be damaging to yourself or the program (Snook, Perlow, amp; Delacey 2005a). Aside from this rule, the coaches displayed dissimilar leadership approaches toward motivating their players. Coach Knight had one goal for his players, to win, and he displayed one leadership style, directive. Coach Knight, known as, â€Å"The General†Read MoreThe Merchant Of Death Story Arc1133 Words   |  5 PagesDeath story arc continues to mirror that of the one developed by George Lucas. While the entirety of Episode IV: A New Hope could be categorized as a completion of Hero’s Journey, to better understand Luke Skywalker’s transition from farm boy to Jedi Knight, all the sequels of the Star Wars saga can be explored to create a more unified representation. In Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Luke is deployed on the barren planet Hoth serving the Rebel Alliance when he is called on by Ben Kenobi’s spirit;

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